As part of the NSG Group, NGF is the European and American component of the largest glass flake manufacturer in the world.

NGF's new fire-retardant flake product uses patented technology to significantly improve the fire retardancy of polymers as indicated in the graph shown below.

This data was generated by independent indicative tests in PVC flooring applications tested in accordance with ¡MO resolution MSC 6 1(67) Annex 1 part 2 (5OKW/M2 in the absence of a pilot flame).

As can be seen, when compared to a typical fire-retardant system used in this sector, Flekashield achieves significant reductions in smoke density.

Furthermore, the time taken to achieve maximum smoke density was 25% longer with Flekashield'

Hydrogen chloride is dramatically reduced and no sulphur dioxide was detected compared to 13 ppm for the typical system.

These results indicate features and benefits of this product which may be of interest to industries seeking to improve the fire retardancy and reduce the emission of smoke from a range of polymeric materials and applications.