Barrier Properties

The addition of Microglas® Glass Flake forms a multi-barrier parallel to the surface of the component. This barrier significantly reduces the permeability of the component thus reducing the absorption of liquids and gases, and improving the fire resistance by restricting the supply of oxygen.

Isotropic Mechanical Properties

The platelet shape of Microglas® Glass Flake provides isotropic reinforcement; that is to say the reinforcement is equally strong in any direction across the surface of the component. This compares with the linear reinforcement provided by glass fibre, which though strong along the length of the fibres is very weak in the cross-fibre direction.

Increased Durability

The addition of Microglas® Glass Flake increases the surface hardness of the component thus improving wear and impact damage resistance.

Content of Microglas® Glass Flake Barcol Hardness
Resin Only 32
20wt% 46
30wt% 48

Acid Resistance

The superior acid resistance of C-Glass when compared to E-Glass Flake is shown below: